Directory of Consumer Driven Services
Program Information
Program Name: Self Help Center
Year the Program was Started: 1988
Public Contact Person: Nancy Bollinger
Address: 8301 Crest Industrial Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123
Telephone #: 3147810199
Fax #: 3147810910
Email Address:
Program Category: Drop-in Center, Peer Support, Support Group
Target Participants:
Co-occurring substance abuse, Trauma Survivors, Veterans, Young Adults, Adults, Older Adults
Program Setting:
Program Owned or Leased Facility (leased store front, community residence)
Annual Program Budget: $100,000-$200,000
Number of staff: Paid Full-Time: 1-2
Paid Part-Time: 5-10
Volunteers: 5-10
Consumer involvement in the program
Number of staff members and volunteers who are consumers: All
How often do consumer staff and volunteers participate in program decisions? Always
Number of administrators or board members who are consumers: Majority
Program Training/ Technical Assistance Materials Available: Training curricula, Individual training, Program brochure, Website, Other
Cost for materials? No
Program Goals: Goal 1: To provide quality peer-delivered services to those who choose to take an active role in their own recovery processes. Goal 2: To offer tools to participants so they may feel empowered by the actions they choose to take to participate in their own recovery processes. Goal 3: To provide education to those who wish to stand up and serve as leaders so they may feel empowered to help those who once were where they were in their own recovery.
Have any outcomes for this program been assessed through internal or external research? Yes
If Yes, details: Self Help Center's first evaluation was a component of the "Consumer/Survivor-Operated Self-Help Programs: A Technical Report" and can be viewed on the SAMHSA website at or downloaded in PDF here:, though the authors of this technical report erred where they stated that Self Help Center could not locate additional funds and was forced to close. Self Help Center participates annually in the Fidelity Assessment Common Ingredient Tool (FACIT) through the participation in a statewide cooperative of Consumer Operated Service Programs. This evaluation tool evaluates organizational structure, environment, belief system, peer support, education, and advocacy and matches the outcomes against national benchmarks of other consumer operated programs. Self Help Center is currently preparing for its third year of participating in the FACIT process.
Program Mission Statement: To provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment where adults with mental illness may find hope and encouragement to take responsibility for their recovery through self help, peer support, socialization, spiritual growth, and education.
Additional Information: In 1988, CMHS/SAMHSA funded 14 COSPs, of which Self Help Center was one, the first such projects to be supported by a Federal agency. Since this time Self Help Center has experienced challenges; however, the organization has grown significantly. Today, Self Help Center, a private non-profit corporation, is located in a 5,000 sq. ft. facility that provides to its participants a reception area, resource room, group/meeting/art room, computer lab, socialization/relaxation room, computer lab, kitchenette, conference room, and a 1,500 sq. ft. food pantry. Individuals may come and go as they please and may participate in programs of their choosing or none at all. Individuals are encouraged to serve as mentors and the organization supports those who choose to do so by encouraging them to work toward becoming a Certified Missouri Peer Specialist and working as a paid employee of the organization.

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