Directory of Consumer Driven Services
Program Information
Program Name: Recovery Can Happen
Year the Program was Started: 2010
Public Contact Person: Lori Bradley
Address: 3702 Tremont Dr.
Durham, NC 27705
Telephone #: 919-806-7259
Email Address:
Website URL:
Program Category: Community Education, Peer Support, Recovery Education
Target Participants:
African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American/Alaskan, Men, Women, LGBT, Co-occurring substance abuse, Co-occurring HIV/AIDS, Co-occurring MR/DD, Trauma Survivors, Persons on Inpatient Units, Persons w/ Criminal Justice Issues, Persons who are Homeless, Veterans, Families of Children, Adults, Older Adults, Other
Program Setting:
Annual Program Budget: None
Number of staff: Paid Full-Time: None
Paid Part-Time: None
Volunteers: 1-2
Consumer involvement in the program
Number of staff members and volunteers who are consumers: All
How often do consumer staff and volunteers participate in program decisions? Always
Number of administrators or board members who are consumers: All
Program Training/ Technical Assistance Materials Available: Training curricula, Individual training, Guides/Manuals, Website
Cost for materials? Sometimes
Program Goals: Our goals are to help those in recovery or those who want to recover succeed. We aim to help people develop employment skills, reduce mental illness symptoms, reduce substance abuse, aid them in finding resources, and teach people to live to the best of their ability.
Have any outcomes for this program been assessed through internal or external research? Yes
If Yes, details: All of our programs have been researched and are evidence based.
Program Mission Statement: To help people with a mental disorder or substance abuse issues understand that they to can recover and live a normal, functional life if they so desire. To show people that by aiding them through Peer Support that they are not alone and help is available when they need it the most. Recovery Can Happen aims to inspire EVERYONE who so desires to find their own path to recovery, regardless of where you are in the world. One of our purposes is to provide national focus and leadership for ending the stigma of mental illness and teaching everyone how to use Peer Support to recover. By banding together we CAN aid in one another’s recovery, making recovery happen!.

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