Directory of Consumer Driven Services
Program Information
Program Name: Florida Self-Directed Care Circuit 20
Agency Name: NAMI
Year the Program was Started: 2005
Public Contact Person: David Sarchet
Address: 1650 Medical Lane Suite 2
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Telephone #: 239-936-4318
Fax #: (239) 434-0801
Email Address:
Website URL:
Program Category: Peer Support, Recovery Education, Other
Target Participants:
Program Setting:
Annual Program Budget: $200,000-$400,000
Number of staff: Paid Full-Time: 3-5
Paid Part-Time: 3-5
Volunteers: 10-20
Consumer involvement in the program
Number of staff members and volunteers who are consumers: Majority
How often do consumer staff and volunteers participate in program decisions? Always
Number of administrators or board members who are consumers: Majority
Program Training/ Technical Assistance Materials Available: Website
Cost for materials? No
Program Goals: The FloridaSDC Program hinges on the belief that individuals are capable of choosing services and making purchases that will help them begin or remain on the road to recovery and to develop or regain a life of meaningful, productive activity. The goal of FloridaSDC is to respect and promote self-determination, recovery and full community inclusion for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and who depend on government subsidized mental wellness services.
Have any outcomes for this program been assessed through internal or external research? Yes
If Yes, details: Outcome measures have been tracked in the pilot program in Jacksonville, and are being tracked in the current program.
Program Mission Statement: The ultimate goal of the FloridaSDC program is to give participants the opportunity to design and travel a personalized road to recovery from the adverse effects of mental illness to that they can return to a productive lifestyle. A productive lifestyle is legislatively defined, for purposes of this program, as achieving a state of mental wellness so that a person can return to work or other types of meaningful activities, such as volunteering or attending educational classes.
Additional Information: Florida Self-Directed Care (SDC) is an innovative service delivery paradigm placing individuals with mental illnesses squarely at the center of decision-making that affects them. SDC was conceived in Jacksonville, Florida in early 2000, from a grass-roots effort. A group of dedicated self and systems advocates came together around the belief that there had to be a better road to recovery than found in traditional treatment modalities. From this journey, SDC was born. The original program covers a five-county area in NE Florida, and has served over 150 people since 2002. The success of the NE Florida program has led to the creation of a second program, serving five counties in Southwest Florida.

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