Directory of Consumer Driven Services
Program Information
Program Name: FriendshipHouse, Inc
Year the Program was Started: 1999
Public Contact Person: Sandra Ryder
Address: 505 19th Avenue
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Telephone #: 205-345-1534
Fax #: 205-345-1534
Email Address:
Program Category: Drop-in Center, Peer Support, Support Group
Target Participants:
Men, Women, Veterans, Adults
Program Setting:
Program Owned or Leased Facility (leased store front, community residence)
Annual Program Budget: $40,000-$70,000
Number of staff: Paid Full-Time: 1-2
Paid Part-Time: 1-2
Volunteers: None
Consumer involvement in the program
Number of staff members and volunteers who are consumers: All
How often do consumer staff and volunteers participate in program decisions? Usually
Number of administrators or board members who are consumers: All
Program Training/ Technical Assistance Materials Available: Program brochure, Guides/Manuals
Cost for materials? Sometimes
Program Goals: to help and encourage consumers that they are not alone and through group support and education of their illness that recovery is possible.
Have any outcomes for this program been assessed through internal or external research? No
Program Mission Statement: Friendship House, Inc. is a professionally managed, non-profit organization offering socialization, fellowship and peer support to community consumers. Our goal is to provide quality service to the community and provide personal and professional growth to our staff and volunteers.
Additional Information: We accept donations. We are a non-profit facility. Funded by a grant each fiscal year through the State of Alabma Mental Health Department.

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