Directory of Consumer Driven Services
Program Information
Program Name: DBSA Boston
Agency Name: Depression and BipolarSupport Alliance
Year the Program was Started: 1985
Public Contact Person: Terry Landers
Address: McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Telephone #: 617-855-2795
Fax #: 617-855-3666
Email Address:
Website URL:
Program Category: Community Education, Recovery Education, Support Group
Target Participants:
Program Setting:
Inpatient psychiatric treatment facility
Annual Program Budget: $10,000-$40,000
Number of staff: Paid Full-Time: None
Paid Part-Time: None
Volunteers: 20+
Consumer involvement in the program
Number of staff members and volunteers who are consumers: Majority
How often do consumer staff and volunteers participate in program decisions? Always
Number of administrators or board members who are consumers: Majority
Program Training/ Technical Assistance Materials Available: Individual training, Program brochure, Guides/Manuals, Website
Cost for materials? Sometimes
Program Goals: Recovery
Have any outcomes for this program been assessed through internal or external research? No
Program Mission Statement: The Manic-Depressive and Depressive Association of Boston (MDDA-Boston) strives to help its members live healthy, dignified lives through peer support and education. We are a community of people with medically diagnosed affective (mood) disorders and their families and friends.
Additional Information: MDDA-Boston is... … a unique self-help organization created by and for people living with mood disorders – including major depression, bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression), and schizoaffective disorder – and their families and friends. We offer support groups, educational programs, and community outreach efforts that help our members live healthy, dignified lives. Since 1985, thousands of area residents have come to MDDA to take part in a safe, caring environment where stigma is relieved and recovery is empowered. Support Groups “Share/care” support groups form the core of our organization. Our groups provide a secure and confidential setting where participants share their feelings, experiences, and coping strategies. Each group is led by a trained peer facilitator and is shaped by our Share/Care Guidelines, read aloud at the start of every group. Facilitators’ work is supported through ongoing education and oversight carried out by our Share/Care Committee. All MDDA support groups are offered free of charge and membership in MDDA-Boston is not required but is greatly appreciated. Pre registration is not required, just come.

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